Learn to play the piano in a relaxed and comfortable environment...
Lessons are taught from the comfort of my home.
A relaxed environment creates the right atmosphere to learn.
After the first few lessons I can assess the level and the best way forward for the student.
There are a variety of starter books available to suit each student, with most including pictures and exercises which make learning fun, especially for the younger ones or young at heart!
Keyboard lessons are also an option if you would like to learn to play chords which lends itself to playing pop and rock music, although learning the basic notes and learning to read music is still a necessity for both piano and keyboard to begin with.
Music theory can also be included in the lessons if the student wishes as this can help with reading music and can be a useful supplement to music classes at school. Most books take the student through basic theory anyway.
As mentioned on the home page, exams are not required to be taken (learning to play an instrument should be a fun experience without the added pressure to take exams) but of course if this is something you would like to do this can be arranged.
If this sounds like the right kind of lessons for you, then why not get in touch for a friendly chat!
Piano Lessons St Neots